G.M. Volventi S.r.l. was founded in 1996 as a natural evolution of the experience gained in the marketing and distribution of mechanical components for industry. The founding members, with twenty years of experience gained in the field take on the task with excellent results thanks to a powerful combination of professional skills and a natural passion for precision engineering, technology and quality.

Before long G.M. Rolling established itself as an important partner for the supply of mechanical components, turning mechanical industry with professionalism and competence.

The technical knowledge of the product, the constant search for qualified manufacturers, and collaboration with international business partners, make G.M. Volventi the ideal partner for mechanical industry even in the most complex situations, such as the supply of special products to drawing . In twenty years, the professionalism, competence, efficiency and maximum attention to the problems, have enabled us to build strong relationships with our customers, and maximum confidence for the future.

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