PB and PBF
PBF Lead-free

PBF is a new material for lead free and joined his previous PB, anticipating the times and customer demand for it is a dry bearing constructed by virtue of modern production concepts and free from pollutants and Lead. The growing competition in the market for high-performance products imposes continuous research to optimize, through structural and technical and mechanical improvements, the quality of the finished product. The technological evolution in the field of bearings is that in the one of the applications have led to develop new products. It takes from oil lubricated bearings and grease to those covered in plastic, up to the plain bushes in self-lubricating compound. With these materials we have obtained bushings that do not require any type of lubrication.

Re-lubricating Bushings RL

The RL Re-lubricating Bushings requires little maintenance and is made up of three layers: steel, porous bronze, poly-acetyl resin. Thanks to the cavities in the poly-acetyl resin, in which you are real fat reserves, the RL is, within limits, insensitive to defects of alignment and the consequent overload phenomena at the edges, while ensuring the heat from the surface scattering the bearing working.
The use of regreasable RL bushings are suitable when:
– The loads are high, oscillating and rotating;
– The operation is intermittent;
– Is required a low coefficient of friction and limited wear;
– You want to limit the maintenance interventions.

Bimetallic Bushings CJA

The Bimetallic Bushings are manufactured with quality composite material, steel with low carbon content and a lead-bronze alloy sintered, which has the features of being able to withstand high sliding speed and has high load capacity, high tensile strength and limited friction coefficient. For these properties the bimetallic bushings have been widely used in the following areas: gasoline engines, diesel engines, industrial machines, lifting devices, air conditioners, change of motor vehicles, reduction gears, leaf springs and stabilizers for heavy duty vehicles, etc. The dimensions of the bushings, both in metric dimensions in inches, are in agreement with the requirements of DIN 1494 / ISO 3547.

Copper Bushings CWA-CW08

Copper Bushings CWA and CWB series are manufactured by a kind of nigh density copper of special compositions, there is no hole and pit to provide a higher load capacity and fatigue strength so it has a wide applications fields in agricultural and industrial machines. Metric and British series of bushings are in accordance with DIN 1494/ISO3547.

Brass Bushings with graphite inserts W500

W 500 SP Brass Bushing is a self lubrication bearing for heavy load applications. It consists of an high strength brass alloy base, prepared though an advanced casting technique in which for self-lubrication feature a proprietary solid lubricant buried in.

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